Royal College of Art & Design

student work: Branding + collateral

Respect your craft

The Royal College of Art & Design, founded in 1837, is one of the most respected postgraduate art schools in the world. At RCAD, students are pushed to embrace the foundation of their crafts while being encouraged to innovate and look at a problem from every angle possible. The alumni of Royal College are the kind of artists that forge their own path, and influence the arts and culture around us.

Project details

The re-branding takes the lion from the nostalgic crest and gives it new purpose in a playful, rebellious paint-splatter mark. Paired with high-contrast serif and bold san-serif typefaces, it gives the brand a new bold, authoritative voice. To reinforce the brand’s new personality, the tag-line “Respect Your Craft” gives a loud and clear message to perspective students.